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  • Shandong Tanglian Engineering Design Institute Co., Ltd., established based on the design office of QC department of Shandong Tanglian Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.,with over 20 years experiences in chemical and pharmaceutical equipment designing and manufacturing , is offering engineering design and equipment manufacturing services with distinctive features and advantages for thousands of domestic and overseas companies.

    By offering both designing and manufacturing services meantime, we solved the problems that sometimes engineering designs are out of application and production , this greatly improves the working efficiency and reduce the costs.

    We win good fame by our excellent services.The designers always can promptly respond to and help the customers in whatever ralated problems , such as design consultation, equipment recommendation, drawing improvement, installation operation, equipment maintenance, product overhaul etc.

    With the company philosophy of " Full Services to Customer ",We are dedicated to improving the design and products quality, to provide our customers ultimate support.

    Tanglian , with marketing ,design and general management departments , covering technological design, civil engineering, instrument and electricity, water supply and drainage and HVAC etc. services, undertakes consulting, design, technical , project management etc. services , in the fields of chemical industry, oil refining,  product storage and transportation, thermal power, environmental protection etc.

    All our designers are of bachelor or above degrees ,over 30% of them are with master or above degrees and over 75% are with middle or high professional titles . This professional team can meet high qualification requirements.

    Tanglian , riches in design experiences , is with complete qualifications, including Professional Class A in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical,Municipal industries, Professional Class B in construction, machinery, environment engineering industries and engineering consultation , also with ISO9001 and GA、GB、GC、GCD etc. pressure piping design qualifications  from National Technical Supervision Departments .

    Shandong Tanglian Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltd. , established in 1998 , is located at Zibo city where the first glass lined equipment was born in CHina.

    We are a processional manufacturer in north China mainly for ,different material chemical reactors such as glass lined , stainless steel , mild steel, PTFE , PP , and other related equipment such as heat exchanger, stirrer, storage tank, tube condenser, tower segment, thin film evaporator, vacuum rotary dryer, high pressure experimental kettle,  complete set of chemical automation equipment and various non-standard equipment .

    We have the following certificates and qualifications for your reference: P.R.C Special equipment production license(No.TS2237056-2024), Class I and Class II pressure vessel manufacturing and design license ,ISO9001 ,quality and supplier certificates from SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A.,),EU welder certificates ,National industrial product production license ,Famous trademark certificate of Shandong Province, Star Innovative enterprise Shandong Province ,Safe and standard production enterprise of Zibo City .

    Our products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, dye, mining , metallurgy etc .fields . 

    Cooperating with  Qilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Wanda Group ,Chinese Academy of Sciences Qingdao Institute , The Central Research Institute of China Chemical Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology ,Dalian Maritime University etc .famous enterprises , research institutions ,colleges and universities ,we are selling our products nation wide and exporting to tens of countries world wide , and all our exported products are with SGS certificates .


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